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Magic mentalist

& comedy shows

Because we all need a little Magic

& Laughter sometimes…

Magic & Mentalist Shows

Because we all need a little Magic sometimes… prepare to be amazed.

It is said that Mentalism is about playing on the predictability of human perception. Russell has proven to understand this phenomenon better than most and keeps his audiences stunned in total amazement. His impressive control when walking over broken glass or whilst fire walking -remaining unharmed is astounding. Watch him bend spoons with the incredible power of his mind or drive at high speed whilst being blind folded.

Russel has an incredible command of his inner being and displays unbelievable mental strength. His shows demand admiration and respect and will leave you wondering and mystified – long after the shows conclusion. Watch our Facebook page for upcoming events with Russell Fox. You do not want to miss it! Or if you cannot wait that long – book him for your own function or event, we are waiting for your call!

Comedy Shows

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” – Charles Dickens

In today’s hustle and bustle Event Owl understands the value of a good laugh. We therefore offer our visitors great comedy entertainment that will keep everyone in stitches at our public events. 

We also provide hilariously fun entertainment for your very own private, public or corporate show. Contact us today and let’s get your audience going with some screaming good laughs!