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The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways. – Richard Branson


Event Owl will clearly define your event goals and objectives for a seamless event and outstanding results. If you’re overwhelmed by planning an event and have no idea where to start, our team will offer you our expertise in event planning and development within the Western Cape of South Africa.

Our event specialists have been in the business for more than 10 years, so we know exactly how to plan and develop your event from the very beginning all the way up to the start of the event.

We clearly define your goals and objectives, then brainstorm to deliver a carefully crafted design and marketing message for the meeting or event, based on researched objectives, locations, vendors and event design to produce a creative, cost-effective and goal-oriented proposal to our clients. 

Timelines, budgets, contracts, event licenses and risk assessment are priorities in planning and all aspects of logistics and delivery of event management.


Our event planners will support your on-site team or provide you with an on-site team based on your requirement – ensuring that the entire event is streamlined and stays on schedule.

Pre-Production Phase

The pre-production phase is of great importance and is where the event comes together. This is where all the “behind the scenes” strategic planning happens.

No matter your industry, we offer the following comprehensive event planning and development services:

Determine goals and objectives;


Timeline management;

Venue sourcing, Theme development & Event design;

Risk management;

Décor design & Rentals;

Supplier sourcing & contracts;

Insurance and permits;

Catering selection;

Ticketing, Access control and flow;

Attendee gifts;

Photography & videography.

Marketing Materials, Print Production, Creative Content

Should the need arise our creative team can create branding for your event, including a supplemental logo, colour palette and other design elements.

We can design collateral to fit the duration of your event or meeting, including invitations, programs, menus, agendas, seating cards, name badges and signage. 

We will gladly assist with:

Branding and identity development;

Logo design;

Graphic design and printing;

On-screen graphics;

Set design;

Invitation design and distribution;

Marketing materials;

Attendee packages;

Email marketing;

Facebook & Social Media Design;

Website Design.

Event Logistics

Our team is focused on ensuring that your event runs smoothly and on schedule; directing the process every step of the way and providing exceptional event logistics.

Event Owl offers the following event logistics:

Professional staffing;

Onsite staffing & Security

Venue management;

Food & Beverage management;

Program management;

Speaker sourcing;

Attendee registration & management;

VIP management;

Décor installation;

Trade show installation;

Sustainability compliance;

Team building activities;

Event social media management.

Production & AV

We offer:

Forward-thinking event Tech Solutions;

Cutting-edge Audio-visual,

Production, and

Event Technology.

Event technology delivers awe-inspiring experiences.

Our event tech experts know how to leverage lighting, audio visual, sound, and other event technologies to create an experience that surpasses expectations;

We are able to transform any space into an immersive experience that people will never forget.

Production & Audio-visual

 Our comprehensive team of audio-visual experts are well-versed in creating a seamless event.

Our extensive event planning services include:

Production and audio-visual services,

Ensuring that your event has state-of-the-art,

Contemporary special touches in AV and production support to make it truly memorable.

Our teams’ experience in event production helps us guarantee a maximum in audience engagement for our clients.

AV, Stage Design & Special Effects

Event Owl will meet your production needs, incorporating lighting and sound design, creative stage design and construction.

We host a creative team that can design and create a unique environment for you event that fits perfectly with your message and branding.

We offer:

Content & stage set design;

Lighting & Sound;

Floor plans and renderings;

Stage management; Labour and staffing;


Accommodation, Transportation & Travel

You can feel free to leave complicated travel, accommodation and transportation plans to our expert planners in accordance to your budget requirements.

Event Owl offers the following services:

Destination management;

Pick-up & Delivery rosters;

Hotel/B&B accommodations and room blocks;

Air travel;

Ground transportation;

Transportation rosters

Entertainment & Guest Speakers

Engaging guest speakers and exciting  entertainment (comedians, dance groups, musicians, bands, magicians and other general entertainers) add flair and audience engagement to your event.

With our connections  our team won’t let your event fall victim to uninspiring  entertainment.

We ensure that each of our events are unique and enjoyable.

If you are looking for entertainment that will enthrall your guests, keep them dancing or laughing, or leave them astonished, we will source or even create it!

Event Owl offers carefully selected, outstanding  entertainment in accordance to your budget requirement.

We offer:

Corporate Event Entertainment,

VIP Management,

Talent Sourcing,

Entertainment Production

and of course Speaker Management.


Additionally, Financial Success is a critical factor for most events, and our event planners work closely with you and your sponsor(s) to assist with carefully planned branding opportunities. 

Planning a meeting or event can be complicated — that’s why we offer our in-house special event logistics services to handle every little detail.

If you’re looking to host an event that will impress your guests and satisfy your marketing objectives, within your planned budget needs – contact us today.

“Events are our passion – we evolve continuously to deliver the best service possible, tailored to the needs of our customers. Our job is simple, we deliver fun and forever memories, to special people that we call customers for the first month, and friends soon after… “

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Because excellence is not an act, it’s a habit!

We’ll be there every step of the way!