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Sponsorship makes Sense

As a sponsor any of the Event Owl Public Events, your company will realize tangible marketing benefits in return for your sponsorship investment, while supporting  non-profit volunteer organizations, and positioning your company with public events that will maximize your exposure.

Sponsorship opportunities begin at the R15 000 level, with benefits accruing as the level of sponsorship increases. Event Owl is also interested in product/goods and services sponsorship.

Regardless of the sponsorship level you select, our staff will be pleased to work with you and your team in creating an integrated sponsorship program designed to meet your company’s unique marketing objectives.

High Visibility. Promotion. Hospitality.

Our highly diverse audiences make us the ideal partner in reaching specific target markets. Among the benefits available to corporate sponsors include:


  •  Special Events.
  • Free tickets and/or discount vouchers for employees and VIPs.
  • Recognition via Public Event publications, advertising and media coverage.
  • High visibility among the public event audience, including on-stage recognition.
  • Other benefits are specifically tailored to our sponsors’ needs

Why go with the New Kid?

We are passionate and motivated to make our events the best! Our sponsors & partners are special to us and we want to build long term lucrative relations for one and all! Become part of our family today!

We’re Prosperous, Dynamic, and Growing…

We are the new kid on the block, but our fan base is growing at a tremendous speed on social media which is specifically designed to reach the local Western Cape Market.

Ideal Demographics

We offer various event types – each with its unique audience. Once we have ascertained your needs we will be able to steer you into the right direction – ensuring an optimal return on your investment into Event Owl.

Our Methodology

Event Owl creates visitor experiences and therefore is an excellent tool to your activation success.

We create opportunities that involve our sponsors with thought leaders, unique content, and product demos. We tailor activation to underscore the purpose behind it, which adds meaning to everyone involved.


Audiences don’t want to be sold to.

We know that nothing loses attention faster than an in-your-face sales pitch. Attendees crave peer-to-peer environments where they can have an enjoyable experience with colleagues, friends and family. This is also where they make new connections, and learn. We therefore work with our sponsors to find interesting and creative ways of how they can get involved and integrate their messages within the experience.

Interactivity leads to more connections.

Since most connections happen on the show floor, we find ways to utilize that space where organic interactions already happen and maximize it with a sponsored activity like a product showcase. We prefer this experience to be interactive and not passive to maximize exposure, as visitors naturally want to get involved in shared activities that interest them. Since most audiences attend trade shows to boost their knowledge, tie the interaction to an education session or learning opportunity and you’ve hit two birds with one sponsorship!

Sponsorship should support the Mission

 Matching the sponsorship goal to the mission of our organization and our potential sponsors makes sense for everyone. As the organizer, we have regular new opportunities which will interest most organizations’ brand pillars to ensure good fits on both sides. We do not complicate things though. After each new launch, we assess the success. If the idea has legs and works, we expand the offer to you at the following event of this kind. We therefore grow the ideas with our sponsors to maximize their exposure at reasonable costs.

We are flexible.

 The bottom line is flexibility and due to our company being a fairly young company, managed by persons with years of experience we know how important it is to work with our sponsors to build and find customized and personalized solutions that work for them (and benefit attendees) instead of presenting a set-in-stone package. We therefore do not offer set packages and we are not only interested in monetary sponsorship, but also in goods, infrastructure and services sponsorship.

Recognize opportunities for new Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors.

 Event Owl is all about the growth with its sponsors, partners and exhibitors. We therefore also design flexible, customizable offerings, and include options for first-timer and smaller exhibitors, for instance, who may be new to exhibitions and/or sponsors in general. We believe that everyone who is involved with our Company/Events are important and should never be in the dark.

Activation isn’t as simple as everyone thinks.

We take care in making sure that we assist exhibitors and potential sponsors to build ideal ways to activate their ideas. We have a group of experts with a history of successful sponsorship activation under our belt and believe that by sharing our knowledge and best practices we will find success together.

We make an effort to get to know our Sponsors, Partners & Exhibitors.

We want to know what makes you tick – personally and professionally and therefore we believe in personalized attention and engagement. This will ensure that we are better informed and more equipped to improve and further develop your sponsorship or experience with Event Owl and also ensures that we meet and exceed expectations.

Face-to-face business.

 Regular meetings and communication builds trust, loyalty and deepens relationship. We therefore wish to work very closely with our sponsors and partners as this enables us to meet your needs.

 Success is Shared.

This is why we find creative solutions, to ensure that everyone wins. And in most cases, winning results mean satisfied audiences who can’t wait to experience the event year after year.