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Our CSR Projects

Pay It Forward

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Curchill


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Paying it Forward


Event Owl believes in paying it forward. We have had involvement in fundraiser projects such as Cure4Keanu and giving opportunity to under privileged kids who have enlisted in the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports (DCAS)’ MOD program. (Children within the MOD program voluntarily sign up to develop special sports and arts skills.

This worthy program keeps kids off the streets within dangerous areas, while their parents are at work and also forms part of the Government feeding program.)

Some of our future CSR projects include:

  • Disabled Entrepreneurs.
  • Advancement of New Talent.




Umkhuseli aka Buddy the Protector wants you to be a BUDDY, not a bully.

OwlBird Einstein

OwlBird Einstein says Readers are Leaders!


Amanzi the Water Warrior


Harry the Heart says if you Believe you Achieve!


Simunye advocates Unity in Our Rainbow Nation


Glee takes a stand for Happiness


Sudan – Speak for the ones without a voice.


Koti Koti – Everyone CAN Recycle!

FunderBuddies At Work

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Healing through good times, education and fun.


Keanu Moore, a 3-year-old boy from Brackenfell, was diagnosed with Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma cancer in October 2017, when he was only 2 years old. This is his story…

Oct 2017: Keanu’s bone marrow shows a 65% infiltration of Neuroblastoma cells, he has 2 tumours and the count that measures cancer in his bones is at level 20. Doctors immediately start with chemotherapy.

Dec 2017: After 4 sessions of chemo, Keanu’s bone marrow is miraculously clean and the count that measures cancer in his bones drop to 4.

Feb 2018: 8 Chemo sessions are complete and Keanu’s bone marrow is still clean. There is no trace of cancer in his bones and the 2 tumours have shrunk.

March – May 2018: Keanu undergoes surgery to remove the tumour on his adrenal gland. He also receives more chemotherapy to shrink the tumour behind his heart. The chemotherapy destroys the remaining tumour and Keanu is declared NED (No Evidence of Disease).

June 2018: Keanu is admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital for a stem cell transplant, where he remains in isolation for 4 weeks. At the same time, it is confirmed that Keanu will go to Sant Joan de Dèu (SJD) Children’s Hospital in Barcelona, Spain, for immunotherapy treatment…departure date 17 September 2018.

August 2018: Three weeks of radiation commence. Keanu handles the radiation very well, with only some nausea and vomiting as side-affects.

September 2018: Keanu is admitted to hospital for severe sepsis. The Hickman Line is to blame and it is removed. Unfortunately, this also results in the departure date for Spain being moved out to 1 October 2018.

October 2018: Keanu and his family arrive in Barcelona, Spain. SJD Hospital immediately commences with tests and scans to confirm that Keanu is still NED. Immunotherapy officially starts on 22 October 2018.

The #Cure4Keanu campaign is aimed at raising funds to allow Keanu to receive lifesaving immunotherapy treatment not available in South Africa. The price tag for this treatment is R5 million. The campaign has thus far raised R3.8 million.

Please support us in raising the remaining funds to give this little boy a fighting chance.

Neuroblastoma accounts for 6% of paediatric cancers and accounts for 50% of all cancers in infants, making it the most common tumour in infants younger than 1 years old.

The number of cases worldwide is about the same, which indicates that environmental factors do not seem to have an influence on Neuroblastoma occurrence. While the prognosis is quite favourable for low to moderate risk patients (80% to 95%), high risk patients have a 60% chance of relapse with no known cure for relapse Neuroblastoma.

This statistic can only be improved if new treatments are developed through research and treatment trials, and made available to all children. Through education and increase public awareness we can make a difference.

Please join us in the fight against Neuroblastoma…because every child is worth more than gold.

added mission

School Revival: “Targeting Bullying with Love”

Healing through good times, education and fun.


Event Owl has joined forces with the “Targeting bullying with LOVE” campaign, which focuses on building safe and supportive environments for bullies and their victims.

Bullying is destroying many childrens’ lives! Too often do we hear about children who commit or try to commit suicide due to extreme bullying.

It is a known fact that children who are bullies are in a lot of instances merely misguided and sometimes find themselves in situations where they project the wrongs done to them onto others. This is due to feeling inadequate, worthless and unloved. Many issues can have an affect on the their lives and actions and these children in many instances need as much love, guidance and understanding as their victims. It is simple, cure the bully cure the problem.

How lost must a child feel to rather end his or her life due to living in constant fear and anxiety? The campaign advocates safe supportive environments at school. It teaches people how to listen to one another in order for them to know they are valued and teaches students the value of LOVE, RESPECT, DILIGENCE, CONSISTENCY AND HOW TO STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE!

This initiative was introduced by the School Revival NPO by Verline Leo who is the founder of the organisation.

Event Owl has thus pledged to donate a portion of its income from the Local is LeKKa Music & Craft Beer Fest and to aid in creating exposure to support this cause.

We have also secured the Musical talent of Lindsay – the ambassador to the Targeting Bullying with Love initiative. See her perform live on 10 & 11 May 2019!